Friday, May 7, 2010

Vegas Baby!

We went to Vegas over the weekend because our nephew got the aaronic priesthood and we are supportive like that...well any reason anyway to go to Vegas. 

It was our first long trip with 2 little girls and thanks to Brents mom, who let us borrow her dvd player, it was a quiet trip!

So thanks so Sandy for that!! They did fall asleep eventually. . .

My favorite part of Vegas has to be the garden at the Bellagio. It's always so beautiful!

We also went to the Mirage and saw the dolphins, lions and tigers. The dolphins were Annie's favorite . . .

But we did see the lions and tigers . . .

On our way out we started to feel kinda guilty because we realized Maycie wasnt in any of the pictures that we had taken. I guess thats what happens when you constantly sleep. You miss out on moments.  So we stopped, woke her up and took a couple!

After all that we had to eat so we drove around and eventually found a place and Annie had a really good time eating the grapes daddy kept giving her.

All I have to say is that it is harder than you think to get a grape on a fork, but she sure had fun trying.

On our way to Vegas it was snowing, when we got there it was sunny and 70. Perfect for having fun outside playing with all the buds.
 Grandpa and Maycie

 Megan the acrobat

 and Brent and Mason.

So much fun, our girls were so good the whole time. That just means we'll have to do it again!

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