Monday, April 5, 2010

So Big, So Fast!

Maycie is officially 2 months old.

At 2 months Maycie
- Can sleep through the night
- Loves to sleep, so much we have a really hard time waking her up
- Eats 4oz of formula every 2 1/2 hours
- Has started watching people and can follow us with her eyes when 
  we move
- She really wants to talk
- She loves it when Annie gives her kisses 

Annie is 18 months

At 18 months Annie
- Loves Maycie
- Loves to give Maycie kisses and busts
- Loves to play outside in the dirt
- Loves to read books, her favorite is Doggone Dogs
- She likes to watch Manny and Oso while she eats breakfast
- She can count to 8
- Loves Nana's puppys
- Always reminds us to say prayers when we eat
- Likes to wander around mom and dads room as quiet as a mouse at
  night taking things such as cell phones, chapstick, etc.
- Is starting to have an imagination when she plays with her princess 
- Has to sleep with her sheet AND her blanket 

We had a really good Easter spending time with our families. Nana hid 5 eggs for Annie to find and she got bored after 3. At grandma and grandpas Annie slept through the Easter egg hunt. Oh well, better luck next year. 


  1. You guys are so cute!!! I really do want to come hang out with you before my baby comes. We've gotta make it happen!

  2. I love the girl's Easter outfits!


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