Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My cousin graduated from Weber State last week and so we went up to my Auntie Cheryls for a party...

When we arrived in Ogden I found my family like this . . .

They were definitely ready for all the fun!

We had to stop at Grandmas first so I could finish 
my dessert for the party!
Maycie and Brent just hung out and watched me work on it.

Annie and Grandma were upstairs having fun reading books...

and watching Handy Manny . . .

We eventually made it up to the party and had a blast!

All the girls!

What weirdies!

It was like pulling teeth trying to get this man to give me a smile!!!

Annie found the puppies!

She made this little boy do ring around the rosies with her. . .
he did not want to.

The highlight of the day was definitely Maycie having her very first bite of Auntie Cheryls trifle! Got to start them early!

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