Friday, April 2, 2010

Annie & the Gum!

Yesterday I put Annie down for a nap at 1pm. At 2pm I went up and checked on her and she was having a great time playing with random objects in her room, so I made her get back in bed. I went back up at 3pm and she still wasn't asleep but she was leaning over her bed in a really strange way so I went in to put her back in bed and this is what I found...

I went into my bedroom where she had gotten the gum from and I found 8, I repeat 8, empty gum papers on my floor.

I didnt even know she could fit that much gum in her mouth

So I did what every good mommy would do, I made her sit beside it so I could take a picture.

Yeah, she is still in her pajamas at 3pm...

1 comment:

  1. Oh my heavens, that is one big wad of gum!!! Good thing she didn't choke on it.


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