Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally Finished!

I have been working on making letters for Maycie's room for over 3 months now. I started working on them, but I always seem to get side tracked by another project or I have to wait for Brent to get around to helping me. 

I didnt know what I wanted to do at first because I really liked how Annie's turned out and it was so easy to do. I wanted them to be similar which was the challenging part. So this is Annie's name above her bed...

For Maycie's I started out with the same font and got Brent to cut them out of wood, then I painted them the same color as the border on Annie's.

It was all working out until I decided they needed something else...and so I ended up choosing these flowers. (I cut the flowers out on the cricut)

but I needed a hole punch to put a dot in the center. So off to Roberts I went and they didnt have any single hole punches, but I ended up finding this awesome one, which worked out perfectly because I had different sized flowers anyway.

I put the dots on flowers with a glue stick,

decided where to put them on the letters and applied them with Mod Podge.

In the end they hang above Maycie's bed and look like this...

A little bit like they have the chicken pox.


  1. Way cute Meghan! I bought some little tiny letters for McKinley's name and need to paint them. I was going to hang them with ribbon too and it looks so cute.

  2. Those are so super cute!!! You did an awesome job! :D

  3. So adorable! I love how Maycie's wall hanging is definitely related to Annie's wall hanging, but unique--just like sisters should be. ;)

  4. Thanks guys. Steph, I love the name!

  5. It turned out so cute!! You are so creative! :)

  6. I am loving it, Meghan! You make me want to do names for my boys!


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