Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Little Spring Break

We got a chance to get away because Brent had spring break, and even though he probably should've been studying, he decided to treat us to time away. So we decided to go to Zermatt for a few days(thanks to Brents dad who generously let us use it). It was nice to have time together with the girls without any worries.

We saw the ice castles that they had made over the winter. They are in process of melting but were still really huge and amazing to see.

We spent a whole day at the outlets, which was my favorite activity, and we had a great time swimming.

Maycie slept in the car seat the whole time, but I needed a picture of her in her cute swimming suit!

We had a great time, and are so excited about the next trip!


  1. How fun! Maycie's little swimsuit is SO cute! I'm excited to take Ellie swimming this summer.

  2. Love both the girls' swimsuits. Zermatt is such a great place to get away. I love their pool too!


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