Monday, June 7, 2010

A Simple Apron

I have these hobbies, cooking and baking. The biggest problem is that I am ruining a lot of clothes with splatters of food, so to solve my problem I decided to make an apron. It sounded simple. Go to the fabric store, find a pattern and sew. Turns out there are a lot of apron patterns at the store. So I waited until they went on sale, if you wait you can get all patterns for $1.99 instead of the 40% off they always are. I chose the most basic pattern, and some really busy material so if it gets stained I wont be able to see it as well . I figured it was just going to get dirty so it didn't matter if it was cute or not right? I got it home and changed my mind. So I went online and found a picture of an apron that I liked and made some small changes to the pattern I had purchased so I would like it better. So basically I am going to walk you through some of the steps so if you want to make one hopefully it will make it easier. 

First, with the material folded in half, cut out the main pattern.

Second, I placed the pattern on a piece of plain material to back my apron with so it would be thicker.

Then I laid them on top of each other and cut the lining about a quarter of an inch in.

Next I cut out the ties for the back and around the neck. The length just depends on how long you want them. I made my back ones really long so that I could tie them in the front. I made the ties for the back thicker than the neck ones. The thickness of the back ties is 5 1/4" and the neck was 4". Fold them in half, right sides together and sew along the edge about a 1/4 of an inch in.

Then cut the ends on a 45 degree angle and sew them also.

Turn them right side out and iron.

Then start working on the apron itself. Fold the edges a 1/4" in and iron.

Then fold them again and iron.

Place your ties where you want them for the back. Place them under the material so the raw edge is hidden.

Fold your material back over the top.

Then fold the ties over the edge of your material and pin.

Do the same with the neck ties.

Then you sew all of your edges.  I also added a pocket on the front of mine. So I just used the pattern for the pocket that it came with but I made it smaller because it was huge, and even with me altering it it is still way too big. Sew the top of your pocket the same way you did the edges of your apron before you sew it onto your apron so that it has a finished edge. Then fold and iron the edges of the pocket and place it on your apron and sew.

My finished apron...

My back ties turned out to be way to long but I wasn't about to unpick it. So they'll do for now.


  1. Sheesh, you're such a domestic guru! When I think "I need an apron", I run to walmart!

    It turned out SO cute!

  2. I think it turned out super cute. I think I might even be able to handle this pattern. Maybe I'll give it a go. Thanks for the motivation.


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