Saturday, May 5, 2012

maycie's haircut

So Maycie has a hard time with new people, new situations, people touching her or her hair, people touching things she thinks belong to her, people coming near her, being left alone in a room for more than 2 seconds, oh the list goes on and on. So I was particularly nervous about taking her to get her raggedy mane cut. 

Turns out Cookie Cutters in American Fork knows how to deal with Maycie's specific type of crazy. They let her pick where she wanted to sit, they have tv's in front of every station so they can watch cartoons and they gave her 2 Dum Dums with the promise of a balloon on her way out if she was good. 

When they put the cape on her I thought we were in for a meltdown but I managed to distract her with the suckers so we could get her hair cut.

It was touch and go a couple of times... but we both survived and her looks so much better!

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